The Retiree’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Homestead Property

The Retiree’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Homestead Property


Getting ready to find the home for your golden years? If you’ve always yearned to fend for yourself and live off the land, retirement is the time to give it a go. Homesteading has a lot of great benefits for seniors. Not only will you save money through growing your own food, but the act of maintaining your homestead can keep you fit and healthy for years to come. 


A trustworthy Realtor like Jason Phillips can help you find the perfect place to live off the land. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of homesteading, what to look for in a property, and how to get started: 


Why Homestead? 


Homesteading in retirement can lead to huge quality of life improvements for seniors. Some of the biggest problems seniors face when they retire – boredom, a lack of direction, a budget stretched too thin – are well mitigated by homesteading. You’ll always have something to do, and as Homestead.org points out, you’ll cut costs through growing a portion (or even all) of your food yourself. Moreover, the homesteading lifestyle requires a lot of activity, so you’ll stay in great shape well into your golden years. 


Another great benefit of homesteading is that it makes your home a pastoral escape, meaning you might just be the ideal vacation destination for friends and family. Kids, grandkids, distant cousins and long-lost pals alike will champ at the bit to visit. Obviously you’re enough to bring them around on your own, but it’s a wonderful bonus to offer them an escape from their day-to-day lives along the way. 


Finding Your Property 


In many ways, searching for your homestead property is like any house search. You need to consider the basics such as securing funding, figuring out what areas you’d like to live in, and general logistics. For example, if you’re selling your home in order to secure funding for your dream property, you’ll likely need to work an extended closing clause into your offer. 


When it comes to homesteading specifically, you need to consider exactly what you can manage and your long term goals for the property. If you’re hoping to be mostly self-sufficient, PrimalSurvivor notes you’ll need a lot of cleared (or clearable) land. If you just want to have a garden that supplements your grocery runs, you can probably get away with a smaller plot. 


Do you want to keep animals? Most areas have specific rural zones where livestock is allowed. That said some small livestock animals, such as chickens, are steadily becoming more acceptable in suburban and even urban areas


Designing Your Homestead Lifestyle 


On a related note, homesteading doesn’t mean you have to live far away from town. Urban farming is gaining traction and popularity across the country, and there are a ton of methods out there for homesteading right in the middle of a city. If you crave an urban retirement, you can still do so in a self-sufficient way. 


Of course, if you yearn for the pastoral lifestyle, a rural farm is more likely to scratch that itch. This is the right fit for anyone picturing a retirement marked by hard work in the morning and a quiet evening on the porch. Take some time to really think about what you want your days to look like, what sort of amenities you want easy access to, and how you’ll adjust as the years go by. These lifestyle questions will help you invest in the best property for you. 


For many, there’s no dream more appealing than making a life for yourself off the land you own. If that’s the retirement you’re dreaming of, you deserve to make it happen. With the right agent by your side, you can make your golden years shine. 
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