Is it the Right Time to Buy a home?

Deciding when to buy a home is a personal, financial and emotional decision. Exploring the idea, stages and requirements involved in home buying is a good first step to making the right decision.

Renting versus buying: Don’t just focus on the monthly payment. It is important for your mortgage or rent payment to be manageable, but take into consideration the mortgage interest deduction, or the emotional comfort of having your own home.

Current interest rates and home prices: Trying to perfectly time the market is nearly impossible. Historical information and current market trends are interesting, but the market is cyclical and the value of owning a home isn’t just in the equity you build, but also in the memories you build.

Your financial status: Are you ready for the financial responsibility of owning a home? You should consider all costs involved: down payment requirements, mortgage payment, homeowners insurance, property taxes, association dues, etc. Properties need tender loving care so the amount, and cost, of “fix it” items will vary depending on the condition of the home you buy.

Future plans: Where will you be in the near and distant future? There are options of what to do with your property in the short or long term, like living in it, renting it or selling it. These options will depend on future market values and if you are planning to expand your family, or eventually move. You should take into account the amount of time you are planning to own the home.

Building wealth and investing in your future: While there are no guarantees or crystal balls on the future values of real estate, you will build equity in your home over the long run by paying down your mortgage or realizing an increase in value when you sell. When you invest in your own property, you benefit from protecting income and are investing back into your own pocket.

The comfort of a home: Owning a home isn’t just about the investment or equity. It is a place to create a comfortable environment, a place for family and friends, and a place to create memories. The emotional benefits of a home are priceless.

Give me a call or send me an email to discuss your home ownership goals!

Jason Phillips, MBA, GRI


The NextHome Mascot

Meet Luke! 

Our Friend companion and mascot. When Luke is not out in the field enticing people to tour new homes for sale or playing with neighborhood kids, you can find him relaxing at home with his favorite book. Born June 15, 2014 at Pentagram in New York, with and immediate affinity and passion for real estate, Luke is an avid supporter of homeownership opportunities, financial security, and personalized lifestyles.

He is experienced in playful engagement, trotting and making people smile. He loves attention and children. Luke, travels extensively in his role as Ambassador at NextHome, visiting listings, offices and bringing energy to the communities the NextHome members serve.

Luke loves that in total land area, Oklahoma City ranks 3rd in the nation. For Luke, this translates to more area to roam. He also LOVES playing in the newly opened Scissortail Park, as well as visiting his long time favorite Myriad Gardens.


COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update

Business as usual? Kind of…. but not exactly. Governor Stitt has named the Real Estate and Construction industries as “essential.”  This will keep from “locking up” people from being able to sell their properties. There are a litany of reasons why someone would choose to sell a home and not all of those line up perfectly to be able to be put on hold due to a pandemic. It is important for us to keep serving our clients. We are taking as many precautions as we can and are staying up to date with the direction of Mayor Holt and Governor Stitt. Our new normal looks a lot different, but we are still here to help.

In the past 7 days (final day being April 10th) There have been 551 new listings added to MLSOK. There have been 481 that have closed in the past 7 days. Our office has been involved in 3 closings in the past two days. The entire process looks different than it did even just a few days ago, but the market is still moving. Based on interest rates and how the market was performing before the pandemic, we anticipate a strong finish to 2020. All of that with the Caveat that we as a nation will be able to get back to work sooner rather than later.

I would like to provide a link to Robert Gideon II’s, my business partner, thoughts on the current environment below

Robert was recently interviewed by News 9 and the Journal Record about how the industry is being effected. Links to those specific interviews are below

Local Real Estate Industry Bracing For Potential Impact Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) – News Channel 9 – OKC

Housing Hesitation? Financial Fears Could Put Brakes on Home Sales – The Journal Record – OKC

We are working through what is our new normal along with everyone else.

I am happy to talk to you individually about your particular circumstance. I may have industry contacts or recourses available that I can provide to help you.


Jason Phillips, Broker Owner, NextHome Central Real Estate

C2EX_Endorsement Badge_200x200_3

NextHome Central Real Estate Broker Makes Commitment to Excellence

Oklahoma City, April 10, 2020 – Jason Phillips, MBA, GRI, Broker Owner of NextHome Central Real Estate, Oklahoma City, OK, has earned the Commitment to Excellence endorsement from the National Association of Realtors®. The endorsement goes to Realtors® who have demonstrated knowledge and competency in 10 core areas of real estate practice.

  • Client service
  • Professional reputation
  • Real estate law
  • Realtor® Code of Ethics
  • Equal service to all (Article 10 of the Code)
  • Advocacy of real property ownership
  • Trust and integrity
  • Use of technology
  • Data privacy
  • Areas of practice

Launched in November 2018, this innovative program sets the standard for what it means to be
a professional in the real estate brokerage business.

The C2EX endorsement is available only to Realtors®. It is earned through a self-directed program that enables real estate professionals to assess and build on their competency in each of the core areas. As a broker-owner, in addition to demonstrating competency in all 10 areas, Jason Phillips was required to show a commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes excellent customer service consistent with these standards.

“Earning the Commitment to Excellence endorsement is a true accomplishment and an affirmation to consumers that you stand for ethics and professionalism in your work,” says 2019 NAR President John Smaby. “Advances in technology and online user experience are making our business more and more seamless, and that’s fantastic,” Smaby says, “But with new technology can come vulnerabilities. A C2EX endorsement offers consumers the ease of mind that they have a skilled adviser, committed to conducting business at the highest standards, helping them through what may be the largest purchase or sale in their life.”

The National Association of Realtors® is America’s largest trade association, representing over 1.3 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

NextHome Central Real Estate  – – 405.225.0151

For further information contact:

Jason Phillips, 405.615.2035

A Book Review- Just for fun!


One thing is for sure amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We all find ourselves with a bunch of extra time(If you aren’t in the medical field) and I have taken that time to brush off the dust of my Kindle. I have been using the Libby App, brought to us by the Metropolitan Library System here in the Oklahoma city Metro, to download books to read on my Kindle. The user interface is awesome and there is an entire LIBRARY of books out my fingertips. I took the opportunity to grab a copy of Artemis by Andy Weir. This was his highly anticipated follow up to The Martian.  In Artemis we find ourselves in a moon colony with Jazz, our heroine. She is spunky go getter with no problem bending the rules. She was raised by her conservative muslim father in the Moon colony. If you are a fan of science fiction, and you liked The Martian(which over 5 million of you did) you will consume this one in just a few sittings. Easy and incredibly fun read. You will fall in love with Jazz and want to see her on a Movie screen.

The First Things You Should Do After Moving to OKC

A beautiful downtown that is improving with each day. A flourishing job market. Beautiful, diverse neighborhoods. Strong communities. These are just a few of the many reasons why the population of Oklahoma City is growing so rapidly. 


Are you a single twenty-something looking to strengthen and build your career? OKC is the place for you. Are you a family looking for the ideal area to raise your kids? OKC is the place for you as well. Are you a retiree looking to settle down and relax? Well, you get the point. 


No matter what your situation or reason for moving to OKC, chances are high that you will fall in love with it in no time. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning your relocation or you’re already in town, these tips and resources can help you get settled in quickly.


Make the Move and Set Up Your Household 

Before you set out to explore the wonders of OKC, there are some household matters to get out of the way.

Gas Service


Water Department


Unpacking and Organizing


Lawn Care Services 










Self-Storage Units 


Get Your Medical Services Lined Up 

Anytime you move to a new city, it’s critical to establish your medical services so that you can keep up with your checkups and know who to contact in case of emergencies. 


Primary Care Physicians




Local Hospitals


Local Pharmacies


Socialize and Explore

You can’t properly settle into your new city until you get out, meet people, and enjoy the good times!


Must-Do Activities in OKC


Finding a Church in OKC


Local Babysitters 


Volunteer Opportunities


Local Pet Sitters 


There are numerous reasons why OKC is a great city to live and work. Help yourself settle in quickly by handling your housekeeping duties, establishing your medical services, and going out into the community. 



Photo by Gerson Repreza on Unsplash


Video Marketing – The Digital Age of Real Estate

We live in the digital age of multi-media channels. Consumers are gravitating to mobile media and often consume from multiple mediums at one time. There are more than 2 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and half of YouTube views are on mobile devices. Today’s homebuyers are an empowered consumer generation that does their homework ahead of time. They search, research, watch, visit, try, purchase, and review.

With over nine out of ten homebuyers beginning their search online and 403% more inquires for listings with video than without, video marketing is key to reaching the largest audience. Showcasing a home through video marketing gives homebuyers a sense of the features and lifestyle that cannot be conveyed through description or even photos. Ninety percent of consumers find video helpful in their decision process and an estimated 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Video has become key in the home buying process when considering a home and sharing it with their advice network. Video is also one of the most effective and viral marketing options to reach out of area homebuyers looking to relocate or purchase a vacation home. Our Video Marketing utilizes a professional team of videographers, editors and creative designers to create a true video of your home. Our team will develop, script, oversee and facilitate the production of a listing video that gives homebuyers the best picture of the property, illustrates the special features buyers are looking for and entices them to come by for a visit.

Consumers are 73% more likely to purchase after watching a video.

64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Page one search results on Google increase 53 times with video. (Forrester Research)

48% of the top 50 mostshared pieces of content on social media were video. (Moz)

YouTube reaches more adults aged 18–34 than any TV Network and is now 28% of all Google searches. (Nielsen & Google)

Sources: YouTube, NAR, Digital Sherpa, Brandshark

If you would like to know more about how I use video marketing to make properties stand out from the competition, give me a call! I would love to discuss it.

-Jason Phillips, Broker/Owner, NextHome Central Real Estate


First Impressions Last – Buyer Perception Impacts Value

Buyer Perception Impacts Value

Home shopping is visual and emotional. Buyers searching for a place to build a life, a family and memories form the overall property experience starting with the street view to the back of the home, and every detail in-between.

Initially, buyers will focus on the property’s features, cleanliness and condition. Next, they will begin to hone in on the details, the specific parts of the exterior, interior, yard, and more.

Most importantly, buyers compare shop. They look at a median of 10 or more homes during the shopping process and compare the features, condition and price of your home against your competition. They will equate a relative value of your property in comparison to the market based on the presentation. Bottom line – the appearance of your home will directly impact the maximum dollar you can get in today’s market.

To maximize your profit, generate the most interest and show value above other competing homes, your home should sparkle. Curb appeal, fresh paint, clean carpets, no clutter, working fixtures, trimmed yards, and inviting décor are among the items to spruce up for the sale.

First impressions matter, Give me a call today and let’s put our best foot forward when listing your home!

Jason Phillips, Broker/Owner, NextHome Central Real Estate

Book Review- Giftology by John Ruhlin

Full Title: Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention

This is an extremely simple yet highly thoughtful book, which is exactly the advice John Ruhlin gives throughout about gifting. What do you get for the man who has everything?- something that says you care about his family. Why is a Fossil watch(although very nice) not the best gift to get for someone who makes 7 figures? These are the types of questions and answers John provides throughout his book. One giant takeaway I had was to buy at the top of a category for everyone. For example, if you have a client who loves tequila, don’t run out and buy another bottle of Patron. Instead, buy them something they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves- something TOP SHELF. That goes for every category. Instead of that Fossil watch, maybe get that client some rare imported chocolate that he/she likes. My next big takeaway from Giftology is that it is as much about the experience as it is the actual gift. Something that I am going to implement is either personally delivering the gift or having a courier deliver the gift. There is something special about receiving a gift by special delivery rather than in a USPS box. The last big takeaway is that you are creating advocates for you, not your company brand. So give S.W.A.G.(Stuff we all get) at trade shows, not to your most valuable contacts.  Pick this one up for your next airplane ride. It could help you stand out from your competition.

From the Back Cover

“When I need something for my customers or for my employees and it has to be the best on the planet, I call John Ruhlin.” – Jeffrey Gitomer, New York Times Best Selling Author of Little Red Book of Selling

“John blew me away with a gifting experience that has never been topped, EVER. I became a lifelong and raving fan because of it. His systems will change your business and you forever.” – Cameron Herold, Author of Double Double and Meetings Suck

Giftology is a fabulous book! There is nothing like an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. In many ways I see life as a generosity contest and gifting is a wonderful way to express our gratitude. Enjoy the book- every chapter will make you think and act differently!” – Matthew Kelly, Founder of Floyd Consulting and Author of The Dream Manager

Photo Mar 04, 4 01 37 PM

Book Review – Endless Referrals by Bob Burg

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The summation of this book- Help Others and they will help you. All I could think the whole time reading it was “help me help you.” Although that may be in the wrong order. We need to grow our personal and professional networks through social media, leading a networking group, being a resource and not a sales pitch, and most importantly helping other succeed in their businesses. Something I have been discussing with my agents is to find industry members they can partner with and grow together. For example, we should all find an Insurance Salesperson, a Lender, Inspector, etc. to partner with and refer business to. Especially finding one who is ready and willing to refer business to you. This is another professional development book that was simple to read, often times seemed obvious, but when implemented is sure to work. Most of the best ideas are just like that. One of the recommendations in the book was to begin a blog, which is something that I have began recently and plan to build upon in 2019. Additionally, I plan to send out a personal letter to my sphere at least once a quarter updating them on what I am doing, and asking them directly for a referral.

I would definitely recommend this book to my Realtor friends.

From the back cover

The definitive guide to turning casual contacts into solid sales opportunities.

In this fully revised and expanded edition, Bob Burg builds on his proven relationship-building principles to bring even more clients to your door and helps you attract only those who are interested in what you sell. He shows how to maximize your daily contacts, utilize your tools both online and off, leverage your relationships, and generate ongoing sales opportunities.

“If you’re serious about your sales career, whether you are selling a product, service, or yourself, master the contents of this book and you will practically guarantee your future success.” -Tom Hopkins, author of How to Master the Art of Selling

“Bob Burgh has long been the authority on connecting with clients and building win-win relationships. Endless Referrals should be required reading for sales professionals and entrepreneurs everywhere.” -Gary Keller, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Keller Williams Realty Intl. and author of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

“I’ve found that acquiring business is the toughest challenge for professional service providers. Thankfully, Bob Burg provides pragmatic and effective techniques to smash that challenge to bits, whether using mail, phone, email, or a polite tap on the shoulder.” – Alan Weiss, Ph.D., author Million Dollar Consulting

“Bob Burg open the floodgates to Fort Knox with this book. I like the simple, easy-to-understand, practical way he outlines the exact way to find endless referrals. A treasure.” -Dottie Walters, author of Speak and Grow Rich

“A no-nonsense approach to building your business through relationships.” – Jane Applegate, syndicated Los Angeles Times columnist